No to Evil (A Poem for The Soul)

I am not the one you seek
You will look and never find me
I am not your type
And your not my type

We are not meant to be together
We can stay forever
If this reaches you, I say goodbye to evil
You are evil
I have no business with you
I have signed no contract with you
We are not partners
This is because we are not compatible
We are heading two different ways
I am for the light
You are for darkness

As evil is from the devil,
So is the devil made of evil
He corrupts man
Man is corrupted by him
He wanders about looking for a victim
His sole purpose for the victims
He is darkness
Darkness comes with him
I am not with darkness but light
My star always shines so bright
I know not siding with him is right

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Forget me not Lord
He is the King and is God
I pray to thee
Uplift me when I am down
Never put me in the wrong town
All my enemies are marked
They will not escape
Surely they can never
A thousand will die at my side
Ten thousand all around me

Updated: January 18, 2019 — 11:30 am

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