Fire The Destroyer

Fire the destroyer Burns everything in its way Why must you burn? Why must everything be left black Fire is a like a fantasy Who knows if it would hurt or not As it comes with uses It can destroy and burn Or not destroy and burn The usage of fire depends on you Fire […]


People lie dailyWhat do we gain mainlyLying can cause people to cryFake people are always trying to smile Lies rule the worldTick says the clockTime is goingLies are flowing Lies in partiesLies in moviesLies in schoolLies in gatherings Someplace Lies!Somewhere Lies!Everything Lies!Everywhere Lies!

African Peacocks

Africa is a pride to the worldAfricans are a pride to the worldAfricans are naturally proudAfricans are proud Gold makes Africans proudDiamond makes Africans proudThe People make Africans proudThe Nations make Africans proudReligions make Africans proud In poverty, there is pride in AfricaIn wealth, there is pride in AfricaIn suffering, there is pride in AfricaIn […]

Heartbeat Part 1

Sad In a heartbeat the world falls apart In a heartbeat people fall sick In a heartbeat wars breakout In a heartbeat tyranny creeps in In a heartbeat we lose loved ones In a heartbeat poverty overtakes In a heartbeat smiles are teary In a heartbeat hunger is known In a heartbeat homes are gone […]

Beautiful World

The world is beautiful So as the people in it The world is filled up with beauty So also splendour Nature comes with beauty This is exactly what lightens the world Like a light bulb The world comes alive With beauty Night time, there is beauty Day time, there is beauty This is beauty remains […]

Father and Son

Two important pillars The son and his father Emotions between them bring out tears The son and his father The two strongest of the family The son and his father They do not show their weakness The son and the father The son becomes the father The son and the father The father becomes the […]

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