Never Break Things

Never Break Things

Moving from one place to another isn’t an easy task. For the majority of families, relocation to another place means more than fitting into a new place or getting used to the new climate. Moving also means picking up all aspects of your life and starting over again.

In terms of breakable items, there are two things that are certain. First is that the breakables are frequently the most valuable things you own and the second one is that they are by far the hardest items to pack. If you like to get all your valuable items in one piece, Strategic Property Solutions will tell you that it is all in planning. Before touching a statuette or single dish, make sure to have a plan with such tips:

  • Consider Arranging by Size

As you start preparing your things for a move, the first thing that you should do is to organize your breakables by size and separately. Determine which among your belongings are most breakable and make sure that you have enough wrapping papers and box space for separating the fragile things from the rest. If you have boxes ready, consider grouping your items separately for every box. See to it that you have some bigger items for the box’s bottom part for support and layer the fragile items in a decreasing size to make sure that nothing on top is too heavy for what is below.

  • Wrap and Fill

Since your items and boxes are organized, you may begin wrapping. You may use newspapers if you have tons of old editions that lie around or you could pick up other special packing paper from Strategic Property Solutions. Wrap your things securely and with the right amount of paper so that they’ll be cushioned while resting against one another. Once you fill the boxes, stop with every layer to fill in the empty spaces with packing peanuts. This would keep your things from shifting during a move and make a soft nest for the other layer.

  • Load Up Very Gently

When all things are ready for the move, you will have to be smart on how you load up your moving vehicle. Most first-timers make mistakes by loading up inappropriately, yet since you only have 1 shot to get everything done, make sure to save some room on top for the breakable items.

  • Contact the Pros

If you think it is hard for you to handle all things during a move, you should never hesitate hiring a company like Strategic Property Solutions. Their experts have years of expertise and experience in moving. They also have the tools and equipment necessary to make moving free from any hassles, ensuring that all of your items are moved safely and smoothly. So, if you don’t want to experience inconvenience and make moving a stress-free experience, never think twice about hiring Strategic Property Solutions and know why they are recommended.